Stop Motion Studio for iOS

Import a Video Clip


With Rotoscoping you can create an animation from a video clip. It’s an animation technique used by animators to trace over motion picture footage, frame by frame, when realistic action is required.

  1. Start by importing the video clip you want to trace over.
  2. Once the video clip import has finished go to the first frame and tap it to open the frame edit menu.
  3. Tap to open the image editor.
  4. Start by adding a solid image layer on top. This will make it easier to trace over the image.
  5. Use the layer tools to change the opacity of the solid layer.
  6. Add a drawing layer and start tracing over the image. The more effort you invest in each frame the better will be the final rotoscope animation. Don’t forget for static parts of the image you can copy and paste content between frames. This will save you considerable time.
  7. Once the drawing is completed change the opacity of the solid layer until only your drawing is visible.
  8. Use the frame selection to go to the next frame.

You can also use the animation guide to create a rotoscope animation.

  1. Start by adding an empty frame. From the Movie Editor, tap the add media symbol and select Title and Credits. Select Color and choose a color of your choice.
  2. To open the animation guides editor tap and hold the grid symbol .
  3. Add a the video clip layer to import a video clip to use as a reference for your animation. The videp clip will automatically move along with your animation.
  4. Close the animation guides editor.
  5. Tap a frame and select Edit to open the image editor.
  6. Add a drawing layer and start tracing over the image.