Stop Motion Studio for iOS

Edit Your Movie

Adjust the Speed of Your Movie

You can adjust the speed of your movie in the project settings. The speed is defined as frames per second or FPS. Keep in mind that the more photos you shoot, the smoother the video will be. A regular movie on TV contains about 25 frames for each second in the film. Start by using 6 frames for each second in your movie. If you feel your movie looks unsteady use 12 or more frames per second. If you would like to have an animation that lasts one second you need to split it into 12 images if you working with 12 FPS. If you use 6 FPS you only need 6 images for one second of your movie. More images per second will get you a smoother animation, but it may be a whole lot more work for you.

  1. While in the movie editor, tap the Project Settings button .
  2. Tap to change the frame rate.
  3. Drag the slider to the left to slow down the movie or to the right to speed it up.
  4. Tap Done to close the project settings.

Tip: If the scene doesn’t contain movement you can make use of the pause feature to hold a frame for a given time.