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Creating a Time-lapse Video

Utilizing the Timelapse capture mode enables you to craft a time-lapse video, condensing an extended timeframe into a brief duration of seconds or minutes. Position the camera near a window and activate the interval timer, capturing an image every second over several hours for an impressive result.

Here’s how to achieve this:

  1. Switch the capture mode to Timelapse.
  2. Configure the interval timer, determining the time gap between successive shots. For instance, setting the interval to 5 seconds means capturing an image every five seconds. For a shot every minute, set the timer to 60.

Ensure the chosen interval allows sufficient time for the app to capture, download, and process the image. For example, some DSLR cameras may require up to 10 seconds for focusing and capturing an image. Commence and conclude the time-lapse recording by tapping the shutter button.