Stop Motion Studio for iOS

Edit Your Movie

Freeze or Pause a Frame

Want a frame to be displayed for a few seconds? You can do so one of two ways: you can either capture the image several times in succession; or just choose the pause option. Pausing, also known as holding or freeze frame, is the same as copying and pasting the frame multiple times.

  1. While in the movie editor, tap the frame in the frame-by-frame editor to open the frame edit menu.
  2. Select Pause from the frame edit menu.
  3. Select how long you want to pause the frame. If the frame has an audio clip attached to it you can also opt to pause the frame for the duration of the audio clip.
  4. Tap Done. The number on top of the frames thumbnail shows the length of the pause.

Tip: If you mess up, you can change or adjust the image duration at any time. Just redo the steps.