Stop Motion Studio for iOS

Edit an Image

Using the Image Editor

Draw onto a frames image or add text, shapes and backgrounds. Crop, flip or rotate the frame image. You can do all of that and more using the Image Editor.

  1. From the Movie Editor, tap the frame to open the frame edit menu.
  2. Tap to open the image editor.
  3. Tap when done.

When opening the image editor you will see all the tools on the navigation bar, the overlay controls on your left and the layer overview on your right. The overlay controls allow you to change the opaque to the previous frame. This will help you to create a continuous animation. The layer overview shows you all the layers you have in your image.

The image editor allows you to zoom in and out of the image at any time. Zooming in lets you see the image in more detail and may make it easier to make changes. Zooming out, lets you see more of the image at once. Use the following gestures:

  • Pinch with two fingers to zoom in or out. Pinch closed to zoom out, or pinch open to zoom in.
  • Drag two fingers in any directions to pan around the image.
  • In case you lost your way, simply double tap with two fingers to reset pan and zoom. Double tap with two fingers again to zoom back to the previous position.

Tip: You can use a swipe gesture to swipe the overlay controls and the layer overview out of the screen. This will give you some more room to edit the image.