Stop Motion Studio for iOS

Shoot Your Movie

Selecting the Optimal Camera Mode

Before you start the capture of your initial frames, take a moment to select the camera mode that best fits your preferences. Choose a mode that aligns with your comfort level. While a fully automatic mode may be ideal for beginners, it could result in a movie with heightened light flickering.

Stop Motion Studio offers various camera modes that cater to different preferences and skill levels. Here’s a brief overview of the different camera modes:

  • AUTO: The Automatic mode is designed for users who prefer a simplified and automatic approach to capturing images. In AUTO mode, the app automatically adjusts camera settings such as exposure, focus, and white balance, making it suitable for users who want a hassle-free experience.

  • AL: The Automatic Locked mode allows users to manually set the exposure while the camera automatically adjusts other settings. This mode is suitable for users who want control over the brighnes of your image while letting the camera adjust other settings. The focus will be locked on the target in this mode and won’t audo adjust.

  • P: The Program mode is a semi-automatic mode where the camera controls ISO and shutter, but users can manually adjust other settings. The P mode provides a balance between automation and manual control, allowing users to customize certain aspects of the shot while letting the camera handle others. The focus will be locked on the target in this mode and won’t audo adjust.

  • M: The Manual mode provides full manual control over various camera settings, including ISO, shutter, focus, white balance, and more. This mode is ideal for experienced users who want complete control over every aspect of the image capture process. It allows for precise adjustments tailored to specific preferences. The focus is controlled manually and won’t audo adjust.

You can choose the camera mode that aligns with your level of expertise and desired level of control during the stop-motion animation creation process. Beginners may find AUTO mode convenient, while more experienced users may prefer the flexibility of AL, P, or Manual modes for greater customization.