Stop Motion Studio for iOS

Shoot Your Movie

Mixing Stop-Motion Animation with Live Action

With Stop Motion Studio you can record live video to combine it with stop-motion animations. Combining live video and stop-motion animations enhances realism, versatility, and creative storytelling. This fusion allows for artistic expression by blending the charm of stop-motion with the immediacy of live video, providing a unique and visually compelling aesthetic.

Some things you could do:

  • Film a live actor interacting with stop-motion characters or objects.
  • Use stop-motion to animate real objects within a live video setting.
  • Incorporate stop-motion transitions between scenes in a live video narrative.
  • Create a stop-motion animation fro a live video recording.

Here’s how to achieve this:

  1. While in capture mode, tap the capture mode button to switch the mode.
  2. Switch the capture mode to Clip.