Stop Motion Studio for iOS

Advanced Features

Keypad Support

Stop Motion Studio supports a wide range of external keypads. You can connect the keypad using a USB or bluetooth connection. Having an external keypad allows you to move closer to the scene and still be able to control Stop Motion Studio.

  • Play (0): Preview playback.
  • Previous Frame (1): Go to the previous frame.
  • Next Frame (2): Go to the next frame.
  • Live(3): Jump to live camera view.
  • Toggle(5): Toogle between the current frame and the live camera view.
  • Short Play(6): Enables or disables short playback.
  • Pause at the End (7): The preview will include a black screen for three seconds at the end of the playback.
  • Loop Playback (8): The preview will not start from the beginning after the playback has finished.
  • Shoot (Enter): Capture a frame.
  • Delete (Backspace): Delete the current frame.
  • Mute (/): Mute preview playback.