Stop Motion Studio

Watch and Share Your Movie

Export Your Movie in Square or Cinema Aspect Ratio

Stop Motion Studio uses the mask settings to determine the aspect ratio of the rendered movie. To export your movie in a square, cinema, or any other aspect ratio:

  1. Access Your Project: Touch and hold the project you wish to export as a video in the project browser. On a desktop device, right-click on the desired project.

  2. Share the Project: Select the “Share” option (represented by the share icon).

  3. Choose Aspect Ratio: From the sharing options, set the desired aspect ratio using the aspect ratio selector .

  4. Commence Export: Tap “Next” to begin the export process.

  5. Export in Selected Aspect Ratio: After initiating the export, Stop Motion Studio will render the movie in the selected aspect ratio.

By following these steps, you can export your movie in various aspect ratios, including square, cinema, or custom dimensions. Stop Motion Studio adapts to your chosen aspect ratio based on the mask settings.

See here for more information on mask settings.