Stop Motion Studio for iOS

Edit Your Movie

Delete, Copy, Paste, and Beyond

If you shot a frame you don’t like or one that jiggled, you can easily delete it. Or you want to copy and paste frames, add a text, paint on it. All of those options can be reached from the frame edit menu.

  1. While in the movie editor, tap a frames thumbnail in the frame-by-frame editor to open the frame edit menu.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • Tap to set the capture frames position.
    • Tap to pause or freeze the frame.
    • Tap to add or edit the audio clip attached to the frame.
    • Tap to edit a frames image. You can crop and adjust the image, draw on it or add text.
    • Tap to use the eraser to mask unwanted parts from the frames image.
    • Tap to merge multiple frames to simulate movement.
    • Tap to select or unselect frames within the frame-by-frame editor.
    • Tap to cut selected frames.
    • Tap to copy the selected frames into the clipboard.
    • Tap to paste frames from the clipboard into the movie.
    • Tap to reverse the selected frames.
    • Tap to delete all selected frames.
  3. Tap anywhere outside to close the frame edit menu.

Some options can be used on multiple images at once. Use the Select tool to choose a selection first. After that select Cut, Copy or Delete to cut, copy or delete the selection. You can use the Reverse tool in the same way. First use the Select tool to choose the sequence of frames. After tap Reverse to reverse the order of frames in the selection.